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Best SEO Guide for Crypto Companies

The burgeoning interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies have led to the emergence of countless newer start-ups. But this growing popularity of  crypto & crypto pr companies causes increased competition to rise, and here comes the need to ensure SEO Guide for crypto company stands out from the rest. 

Best SEO Guide for Crypto Companies

And how exactly can we do that?

SEO Guide is the way! Through our SEO Guide, you can explore ways to increase your rank and drive traffic to your website. 

Let’s dive into it!

Why Is SEO Crucial for Crypto Companies?

Search engine optimization or SEO holds great significance not only for crypto companies but for all types of businesses in general. You see, SEO has a direct effect on how your website will rank and how much traffic it will receive. Simply put, the more optimized your website’s content, the greater the traffic and ranking. 

Now, you might wonder why ranking is so important. Let us break it down for you. According to research, users tend not to scroll past the first page displayed on Google. 

This suggests that the content presented on the first page consists of all websites that have implemented SEO and rank well. If your crypto website does not make it to this first page, your company will likely remain undiscovered by potential clients. 

Well, having understood the importance of SEO for your crypto company, it’s time to dive into our SEO Guide. 

Produce High-Quality Content 

Content optimization is first on our list for a reason. Producing high-quality material for your website is key to attracting your target audience and giving them the information they seek. 

When you have in-depth and original content on your website, it will not only positively reflect your Return on Investment (ROI) but also make sure your readers are engaged and share your work. 

In addition, content optimization can also lead to receiving backlinks from authoritative websites, but we’ll discuss more on this later. 

Focus on Search Intent 

Understanding the search intent of your users is a great SEO strategy to focus on what type of content to put out. There are several types of search intent which are as follows:

  • Navigational: Here, users are looking for more specific content. Users already know what they are searching for. Make sure your site is structured, labeled correctly, and has easy navigation to best optimize navigational intent. 
  • Informational: Informational search intent refers to queries of users who are searching for valuable and specific information. These generally refer to the WH questions. An example of this could be the search for the “best SEO guide.” Through this keyword, the user is trying to look for relevant information and explanation. 
  • Transactional: As its name suggests, transactional searches are those relating to users making purchase decisions. The key here is to make sure that when transactional keywords are entered, your website is optimized and displayed on the search results. 
  • Commercial: In commercial searches, the user is still in the research stage and has not yet decided to make the purchase or not. These also include searches such as “A vs. B” to determine which is better. 

Optimize Your Title Tags and Meta Description

People often miss out on this SEO technique, but it plays a big role in getting clicks. The meta description is what gives the users an insight into what the content holds. If it proves beneficial or catchy to the readers, you will likely receive a great number of clicks and increased traffic. 

As for the title tags, they allow the search engines to decide whether or not the content is suitable to be displayed in the search results or not. The search engines analyze the title tags to decide where they should rank and if it is relevant to the query. 

Link Building is Key 

By link building, we mean being linked both internally and externally. Firstly, internal linking can help boost your SEO and promote users to click on other website content. 

In addition, link building externally is an incredible way to build the credibility of your crypto website, increase your website’s rank and generate more leads. 

Link building will increase your crypto website’s exposure to competitors and help you gain more visibility. 

Give Importance to Visuals 

As the internet grows, so do its trends, and one of the recent ones is presentation. Today users decide whether they will click on a website link or content by seeing its visuals. 

So, your graphics game must be top-notch to attract inventors and build a community. It will also help you make your brand style unique, which will aid your project/company to stand out better than others. 

Make User Experience a Priority 

A key feature to drive traffic is to create a pleasant user experience on your website. UX has become highly crucial in today’s time as users are more critical of what they experience. 

Google as well has shown to give preference to websites that provide users with a good user experience. This is why user experience is essential to boost the ranking of your website. 

Work on Your Website’s Speed 

Lastly, a key feature is your website’s speed. To ensure this, you will need a solid technical team to keep the website running smoothly. 

Often users leave a site if it does not load fast or is slow while using. We are all aware of the fast-paced nature of netizens and simply cannot afford to lose traffic because of a technical aspect such as speed. This would annoy users and cause them to click away. 

In short, the time limit of users staying on a web page is quite small, so if your site does not work seamlessly, people will lose interest and jump to other websites, and your crypto site will lose a prospective client. 


Altogether, these are some useful SEO Guide tips that you can utilize for your crypto project. The main point to remember is that PR agencies handle marketing campaigns and advertising the blockchain project. Meanwhile, they also help to make sure the content is SEO-friendly. 

However, you cannot simply rely on SEO. But it is an essential component to drive traffic to your crypto firm. 



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