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Best Swing Trading Stocks In India 

Swing Trading Stocks is a trading strategy solely focusing on short-term gains. It is a profitable trading strategy that helps to beat market conditions which hold the financial instrument from a few days to a certain week. Undoubtedly, swing trading is often used by traders to gain small profits, allowing you to stay tuned throughout ups and downs. 

Trading Stocks

We brought you the best swing trading stocks in India after analysing all the technical factors and implementing effective strategies. We have mentioned the best swing trading techniques that help you make effective investment decisions. Here is a list of swing trading stocks which is beneficial in terms of money and output. 

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Top 3 Best Swing Trading Stocks in India

  1. Eid Parry 

East India Distilleries Parry Limited is an Indian public company headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, that has been in business for over 225 years. The current market rate of EidParry is 602.00 INR (as of 12th October). 

Let’s have a look at the figures

  • Annual Revenue  Rs. 26,320.87 Cr
  • Annual Growth Rate 27%
  • ROE 17%
  • Pre-tax margin  9% 
  • Stop Loss: Rs.589
  • Target 1: Rs.641
  • Target 2: Rs.667
  • Holding Period: 1 week

2. sun tv network

Sun TV Network has an annual revenue of Rs. 3,985.09 Cr yearly growing at a rate of 10%. The key highlights of the company in respect of swing trading are as follows:- 

  • Pre-tax margin 61% 
  • ROE 20% 
  • It is debt free
  • Current Market Price: Rs.540
  • Stop Loss: Rs.518
  • Target 1: Rs.562
  • Target 2: Rs.585
  • Holding Period: 1 week 

3. Titan 

Titan is one of the leading companies for making investments in shares. The main aim of this company is to bring and encourage all investors and tell them about the profitability conditions of the finance market. 

  • Charges as low as 1% fee for balances of $10,000 or more
  • Minimum Account Balance $100
  • Offers low-cost active investment management. 
  • Annual Revenue of Rs. 34,769.00 Cr.
  • Pre-tax margin of 10%
  • ROE of 23%
  • company is debt free
  • Current Market Price 2,598
  • Stop Loss: Rs.2620
  • Target 1: Rs.2840
  • Target 2: Rs.2950
  • Holding Period: 1 week

Swing Trading Tips 

If you are a beginner and want to get some experience then swing trading is a good option for you. It is mainly for earning short-term gains over a period of a few days to certain weeks. Keep some things in mind while doing swing trading that are as follows:- 

  1. Plan your trading decision according to the market condition
  2. Go for positive points instead of weaknesses
  3. Trade in Harmony 
  4. Make a clear picture in your mind before trading 
  5. Swing Trades are always a better option in respect of starting trading

Advantages and Disadvantages of Swing Trading

It is important to consider all the benefits and drawbacks of swing trading before selecting it as an investment strategy. Let’s quickly review all of them:- 

Benefits of Swing Trading

  • Investors can earn good profits from swing trading as it mainly focuses on short market movement.
  • Investors have to spend less time on investment. 
  • Swing traders can limit their orders by using stop-loss orders. 
  • Technical analysis is used in swing trading to determine the market rates of financial instruments. 

Drawbacks of Swing Trading Stocks

  • Swing trading strategy is speculative in nature as there are high chances of losing money. 
  • Swing traders might lose a good option for long-term investment gains that allows them to buy, hold, and enjoy trading.
  • Long-term capital gains are always more favourable than short-term gain as it offers an opportunity to earn more money. 

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