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The Internet has developed over the past few years from being almost non-existent to being the biggest online tuition, most accessible database of knowledge ever made. It has altered how people interact with one another, conduct business, shop, socialize and think about information and education.


Like all other fields, the internet has brought a revolution in education as well. In the recent era, education through the internet or online education is prevailing massively.

Unlike traditional education, students do not go from a thorough hassle of school preparations, rushing traffic, and traveling up to miles. Simply, they connect through the internet and join their class.

Online tuition is transforming the way traditional classrooms are run and making education more accessible than ever before. It is much more than just a new approach to remote learning. Yet there are some drawbacks of this education system:

Difficulty in focusing on their studies:

Additionally, there is a higher likelihood that online learning causes students to lose their focus and get busy with social media or other websites. By their phone, the urge to explore the internet, or a simple notification, your child could become distracted. They could become distracted by other family members moving around. So, although online learning offers ease, it also provides a substantial amount of distractions.

In addition to this, many parents are worried about the health risks associated with letting their kids spend so much time staring at screens. One of the greatest concerns and drawbacks of online learning is the rise in screen time. Due to spending so much time slumped over a screen, students can also have poor posture and other physical issues.

Promotes a sense of isolation:

In the traditional mode of education, being around their classmates allows students to learn a lot. However, there are hardly any direct physical encounters between students and lecturers in online sessions.

Students frequently experience a sense of isolation as a result of this. Moreover, in e-learning, your child will meet their tutor online rather than in a tutoring centre, at their house, or in your home.

Due to the lack of human interaction in their lives, many students and teachers who inevitably spend a large amount of time online may begin to exhibit signs of social isolation. Lack of communication and social isolation frequently result in mental health problems such as increased stress, anxiety, and negative thinking.

Issues with the technology:

Though incredibly useful, technology isn’t always trustworthy. Especially in the case of online tuition, students and tutors have to face audio and video lagging and stuttering brought on by a bad internet connection. For your child to converse with their tutor properly, you must make sure that your internet connection is dependable and quick and that your device’s camera, microphone, and speakers are all functional.

Additionally, teachers must have a fundamental understanding of using digital learning tools. This isn’t always the case, though. Teachers frequently possess a very fundamental understanding of technology. They occasionally even lack the equipment and resources needed to conduct online classes. Academies must invest in providing teachers with the most recent technological advancements for them to conduct online classes smoothly.

Online tuition requires responsibility:

Online instruction does not have a teacher there in person to monitor students’ attention to their work. This increases the student’s responsibility for their education, which is related to the prior discussion on the development of self-discipline. Online learning will be more difficult for a student who is easily distracted or has a habit to put things off, which is something students usually do. Organization, time management, and self-discipline are the keys to gaining the advantages of online learning for commerce tuition.

Inability to learn communication skills:

In conventional classes, students and teachers interact with each other face to face. Teachers deliver their lectures while students learn and perceive. Moreover, students interact with their classmates and present their projects before the whole class. Moreover, students discuss their home assignments with each.

This interaction enables them to convey their matter of interest in an effective way. And ultimately this all develops their communication abilities. Contrary to this, online classes do not provide this productive environment and students miss the opportunity to develop communication skills.

Concluding lines for attending online tuition:

Although online learning is very beneficial yet there are some cons associated with this mode of education. Distraction while studying, sense of isolation, lack of responsibility, and inability to develop communication skills are some of its drawbacks. One must take proper measures in order to get good results in online education.



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