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Why Can’t I Play my Spotify Wrapped?

When was Spotify Wrapped launched, and why?

Wrapped, Spotify’s replacement for the ‘Year in Music’ promotion was introduced in 2017 to create FOMO (fear of missing out). This aided Spotify in providing a cumulative Flywheel effect by attracting new people to download and utilize their software for an extended period.

Why Can't I Play my Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped became a popular viral marketing approach for Spotify that year. The wrap comprises all of the songs users have listened to in the last year, the category they have been most interested in, their preferred performers, minutes streamed and other data. It featured the top five artists who have been listened to by users. Furthermore, it is a massive viral social media effort, not simply another marketing strategy.

Each year, lots of Spotify users post their Spotify wrapped content on their social media pages, giving Spotify a bonus. Since wrapped is published around the end of the year, the Spotify app has typically had a spike in the mobile app at the close of each year.

The impact of Spotify Wrapped 2020 and 2021

Though the wrap of the year, 2022, is yet to be introduced, 2020 and 2021 can be great examples to assume this year’s benefits. Spotify Wrapped was accountable for a 21% increase in Spotify mobile app downloads during the first week of Christmas in 2020. 

Previously, consumers could only see their Wrapped data through Spotify’s homepage. Nevertheless, in 2021, Spotify Wrapped was only accessible on mobile devices for Spotify customers, while the online experience was designed for non-Spotify users. Spotify also included in-app quizzes (to estimate top podcasts, top musicians, and which decade’s tracks a user played the most), a ‘Story of Your 2020,’ new Wrapped medals, tailored playlists, and social media share personalization choices. Each of these factors contributed to increased user engagement on Spotify’s mobile app.

How to access the wrapped playlist?

Launch the Spotify app.

Click the ‘Your 2021 Wrapped’ icon on the main screen to view your Wrapped collection. If you’re not seeing it, put ‘Wrapped’ into the search box, and you’ll be able to see it.

When you tap on the logo, you will be sent to Spotify Wrapped ‘Story.’ You can examine your personalized stats here.

If you want to share the information with your friends on social networking sites, use the ‘Share this story’ option.

Spotify 2020 & 2021 Wrapped not working.

Spotify’s “Wrapped” for 2021 is exclusively accessible on the app. Many Spotify users have stated that Spotify Wrapped 2020 is not working; however, this has been discovered that most of these users have not had an issue with the Spotify Playlist but instead with the narrative. Many people worldwide have reported difficulty playing the Stories on Spotify 2020 Wrapped events.

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Solutions to this Issue

Simple solutions to the Spotify 2020 problem Wrapped does not work:

Close the Spotify app completely: Begin by closing Spotify (and any other apps or programs that are operating in the process), then reopen it.

Examine for app and systems upgrades: To verify for Spotify new versions, go to the app store on your device. Open your phone’s settings menu to check for software upgrades.

Remove cache and statistics: Typically, you may erase cache/data through your smartphone’s options menu. This phase deletes temporary files to save up space.

Uninstall and reinstall Spotify: To assist resolve any difficulties, you can delete and reinstall the Spotify app on specific devices.

Here’s how to solve the problem in 2021:

If you were one of the customers who experienced the app crash, a few workarounds could help you resolve the issue and access your yearly Wrapped report. First and foremost, if you cannot access the Wrapped tale even after shutting the app completely, check for updates. If a system upgrade is necessary, you may update the app using your device’s app store or the settings menu. Another alternative is to remove cache and data using your device’s settings menu. Clearing cache eliminates the temp folder, which helps free up space. If the crashing problem continues, remove and reinstall the Spotify app to restart from scratch.

  1. Try To search Within The App.

Spotify’s “Wrapped” for 2021 is accessible only on the app. You’ll get a new campaign on the main screen whenever you initially launch the app.

2. Keep Your Spotify App Updated

When you don’t locate your Wrapped collection or your app crashes, make sure it’s constantly updated. If an update is pending, the software may not work correctly.

3. Regularly Delete Spotify Temporary Information

Apps on Android keep a lot of stored information, which might cause issues with the app. This might also be the case with Spotify because we all listen to songs for extended periods, and cache data is substantially greater under these conditions. As a result, you should permanently delete your Spotify memory.

4. Log back, then re-enter Spotify.

Service may be in trouble whenever you can’t seem to find the Wrapped collection on Spotify. To test if it helps, log from your Spotify account and afterwards sign back in.

5. Remove and then install the application.

Lastly, if no other alternatives work, you may try uninstalling the Spotify application. Nevertheless, in this round, you must install the software from the Spotify webpage using any website, such as Chrome or Safari, and afterwards install it on your smartphone.


Spotify allows users to promote their favorite artists while also discovering new songs. Spotify will enable fans to assist their favorite artists while discovering new music. While most listeners are preoccupied with defining their place among music fans, some users are having difficulty using the Wrapped function on their Spotify app. Some users have reported the programmed crashes anytime they tap on the Spotify Wrapped area.

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